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Professional Coaching

It is one of the most important abilities in our professional skill set: public speaking. Whether you are speaking to a group of peers or clients, to an audience of two or two hundred, the ability to present yourself clearly and confidently is absolutely essential.   

Whether you are looking to simply polish your public speaking skills or break through some serious stage fright, Joseph Wycoff is an experienced coach who can help you to present yourself with poise, clarity, and charisma. Make sure that the face you present is the one you want the world to see.


Growing up in the States, Joseph was dubbed the “winningest” student in the National Speech & Debate Association (formerly the National Forensic League), earning six district titles, five national final rounds, and two national championships as a teenager. After high school, Joseph went on to coach oratory at the University of Iowa, Bradley University (Illinois), and Longwood College (Virginia). He later became a professional actor in Chicago, and now, after relocating to New Zealand in 2013, he has taught classes with both Odyssey and The Auckland Performing Arts Centre (TAPAC). Joseph is available for both individual and group coaching.

Find your voice

Dialect Coaching

For over 20 years, Joseph has been coaching (and performing) various dialects for the stage and screen. He is well-versed in many American regional dialects, as well as Standard American if you are looking for a solid "American" sound. If you are looking to learn or improve on an American dialect, Joseph is available for coaching - $70 for a one hour session, or a reduced rate for multiple sessions.


In addition to American dialects, Joseph is also a French speaker, and has achieved great succes with British RP and other international accents. 


Click HERE to contact Joseph about dialect coaching!

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