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The Self-Reliant Princess

With a keen eye, a quick wit, and a daring heart, this princess is trapped in nobody's tower! From dinosaurs in the depths of the Lost Valley to dragons in the heights of the Incorrigible Mountains, these tales chronicle the thrilling adventures of a brave and curious girl, the Self-Reliant Princess. Explorer of caverns! Solver of puzzles! Tamer of beasts! Racer of robots! Maker of marshmallows. With a strong arm and a light touch, our heroine finds friends in the most unlikely of places. 


Written by Joseph Wycoff and illustrated by Imogen Esplin, a father-daughter team, The Self-Reliant Princess is a collection of five lively and fanciful bedtime stories with a mighty girl at the lead. They promote the idea that curiosity, courage, and reflection are virtues, and that all children should have the chance to get powerfully dirty, explore a hidden corner, or befriend a dragon.

The Creators


Joseph and Imogen are originally from Chicago, but now live and work in New Zealand. Joseph is an actor, voiceover artist,  teacher, and raconteur. Imogen is an artist and sometime dog-whisperer. Together they enjoy good books, rascally puppies, role playing games, second-hand stores, musicals, Science with a capital "S," and the occasional hot chocolate.

Where to find the book

The Self-Reliant Princess is available in both paperback and as an ebook. You can find it on... 

... and many more fine online booksellers. 

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